Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Can I ship something today or do I have to register with JDCarriers?

We recommend that all customers register with us to make future shipments faster. However, it is not necessary. We will complete a shipment validation allowing us to ensure what you are shipping can be shipped by us. 

Will there be any delays? How fast can I have my items delivered?

How fast JDCarriers deliver depends on many factors. The size of the shipment, pick-up and delivery locations, and truck availability, all considerations can factor into the delivery time frame. It is important to understand that even though security procedures have generally become more uniform, security inspections vary from freight to freight and city to city. To receive a rate quote and an accurate delivery time estimation, please contact JDCarriers customer service managers.

Do I need special paperwork for international shipments?

Unfortunately, JD Carriers does not deliver or manage international shipments.

Do I need to put labels on my packages?

YES! While only one bill of lading is required for each destination you desire to ship to, it is important to clearly label each and every package with both the shipper and consignee details.

What states do you operate in?

We offer trucking and transport services in Wisconsin, Michigan, Kentucky, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, midwest regions.

Are your drivers properly licensed and insured?

Yes, JDCarriers drivers are all properly licensed and insured.